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Coalville Basketball Club 13/05/2008


Cougars TV powered by
Direct to Site Limited

The popular Cougars TV area is set to re-launch thanks to
the support of the construction services company Direct to
Site Limited (DTS). DTS are sponsoring the Cougars with new
digital video equipment. The ‘new’ Cougars TV will offer
exclusive game footage, interviews and highlights throughout
the domestic, international and summer seasons. This will
not only enable Coalville Basketball Club to keep all of our
fans and supporters in touch with all the teams progress and
successes in their newly promoted divisions and cup
campaigns, but give the coaching staff a chance to review
our performances and capitalise on our strengths.

DTS offer its customers a truly unique one stop shop
throughout the UK, supplying construction related products
to site requirements no matter how large or small the
quantity may be. DTS pride themselves in being able to say
YES, when most say no, for Heavy Building Materials,
including Ready mixed Concrete, Aggregates, Mortar, Screed,
Tarmac and Muckaway, to the Construction industry and
related trades all through one telephone number –
0844 8000 144

Christopher Webster, Managing Director DTS Construction
Services, said, “We are proud to be associated with the
Cougars, it’s great to see local sport achieving, especially
with so many young players coming through. They have
excelled in their local leagues, national competition and
keep pushing for excellence; both DTS and its staff will
push the Cougars to continue to achieve and I offer my
support as available. It’s exciting to see such ambition;
they show no fear and take each game and team as they come.
I wish all teams well in their newly promoted divisions and
look forward to watching the future success unfold”.12/05/2008

End of Season Presentation Evening

Coalville Cougars Basketball Club are pleased to confirm the
details for the Annual End of Season Presentation Evening.
Following the most successful season in the club’s
illustrious history, the evening promises to be a memorable
one, with both teams picking up their League Championship

Booked for Friday 30th May 2008 at 7.30 for 8.00pm in the
Forest Suite of The Charnwood Arms. The dress code is
“Formal Dress and Green”. Ticket prices are confirmed at
£20, and only available to those who have paid their
deposits. The evening’s entertainment will include a meal,
disco and awards ceremony for the 2007/08 season.

Rooms are available at The Charnwood Arms at a special price
of £35 per room – please call The Charnwood Arms Direct on
01530 813644 and quote ‘Cougars Basketball’.

The Sit Down Menu for the evening is a choice from the
following – please make your decisions known to either Bruce
or Charlie by Friday 16th May 2008.


Crisp potato wedges topped with cheese and bacon served with
BBQ dip

Warm garlic bread (V)

Soup of the day with bread and butter (V)


British steak and ale pie served with chips and peas

Battered fish served with chips, peas and lemon

Chicken Kiev served with chips and peas

Cauliflower and cheese Tart served with chips and peas (V)


Jam roly poly served with custard

Profiteroles served with chocolate sauce and ice-cream

Vanilla flavour ice cream served with chocolate sauce

The evening promises to be a fitting end to a very enjoyable
year of basketball with the usual entertaining season
reviews from the committee members!06/05/2008

League and Association AGM Dates

Both the L&RBA and the LBBL have announced dates for their
Annual General Meetings. The Leicestershire Basketball
League (LBBL) AGM will take place on Monday 12th May at
7.45pm at the Old Anstey Working Men’s Club. Presentation of
League Trophies will precede this meeting.

Also taking place later this month will be the
Leicestershire & Rutland Basketball Association (L&RBA) AGM.
This meeting will take place at the Beauchamp College, Oadby
on Wednesday 21st May and starts at 7.30pm.01/05/2008

Junior League to launch for 2008/09

The all new
Leicestershire Junior Basketball League
is scheduled to tip off for the 2008/09 season. The LJBL is
being introduced due to
the lack of organised junior Basketball
in the local area and will be an
more informal junior version of the
current senior Leicestershire league.
If your club have a junior team or you have a group of Basketball
players aged 16 years and under please
click here to join in the fun!07/04/2008

Cougars take on the RAF

The Coalville Cougars are playing a special game against the
National Under 23 RAF team. This friendly game is part of
the RAF’s preparations for their 3 way tournament against
the Navy and Army.

The Head Coach for RAF Basketball picked the Cougars as one
of the high quality teams in the area and the Cougars are
only too happy to help any of the British forces. The game
is scheduled for 8pm on Thursday 17th April at the RAF
Wittering base.24/02/2008

Cougars miss Founders Cup Semi-Final

In their first season competition in the National Founders
Cup the Coalville Cougars did themselves proud by reaching
the Quarter Finals. After going down 17 points in the first
leg it would need to be a super human effort to overturn the
result in the 2nd leg at Cambridge who hadn’t lost a game so
far. After a valiant effort Coalville dealt Cambridge their
first lost coming out victors by 16 points. Although it
wasn’t enough to see Coalville through to the Semi-Final it
was an excellent team effort and everyone at Coalville
Basketball can be pleased with these further steps to the
next level.

Chairman Lee Alesbrook said “We have come to
the end of our Founders Cup run, for this year anyway. I
would like to thank all those that took time out,
normally on a Sunday, and at some obscure times to show what
Coalville Basketball is about. We showed that we can play
at a higher level so lets build on this and look forward to
next years competition. We lost out by only 1 point on
an aggregate basis so we will be looking to go a stage
further in next years event”.18/02/2008

Central Sports Coalville Basketball Club

Coalville Basketball Club are pleased to announce new title
sponsor Central Sports. Melton Mowbray based Central Sports
was first established in 1970 to serve the needs of the
growing Basketball community. For the next thirty years they
continued to grow and in the process gained many loyal
customers. In 2000 the company was bought by England
Basketball, the governing body for the sport and traded as
England Basketball Enterprises until 2006 when Central
Sports was reborn.

The company has now grown to include many other products and
services as well as still leading in Basketball supplies.
Central Sports was and still is a family run, friendly
company to whom the customer is the main concern. The
partners are Maggie and Alan Hodgkinson with their son,

Central Sports are now automatically identified with the
club and we will be now known as the ‘Central Sports
Coalville Basketball Club’. Please visit

www.centralsports.org.uk for more information.04/02/2008

Harvey Denied

Unfortunately the latest player to be attracted to Coalville
Basketball Club has been denied permission to play for the
club during the remainder of the 2008/09 season. Harvey
Scott recently moved into the area from the USA but
unfortunately will have to wait until September before he
can suit up for the Cougars. The decision was voted on at a
recent league meeting with a unanimous ‘no’ outcome. The
club tried to prove that our squad wasn’t being
strengthened, with our best point guard sitting out the
remainder of the season and the fact we are top of our
division unfortunately didn’t have any effect.

Cougars representative Simon Hoult commented “The unanimous
decision surprised me. Whilst I understand why the rules are
in place, we are disappointed that someone is being pushed
away. Had the Cougars been playing in the National League
Harvey would still have been eligible to sign right up to
the end of January rather than the Leicestershire end of
December cut off. Even further surprise is that the
Leicestershire season is a month longer so the signing
deadline is 4 months from the end of the season compared to
the 2 months of England Basketball. We just hope that Harvey
decides to stay with the club and more importantly doesn’t
lose interest in the game”.06/08/2007

Development Games vs Blazers
The Coalville
Cougars are scheduled to play the Bosworth Blazers in two
friendly games during September.The first game will be hosted by
Coalville on Wednesday 5th September at 7.15pm.
Whilst the return leg will be held at Bosworth on Friday
14th September at 7.45pm.The games will hopefully give both
teams a good warm-up for the very different challenges they
face in the upcoming season. The Cougars are looking forward
to tasting their first National Founders Cup action and with
their first game being very close to the start of the season
these friendly games are very important.

The Blazers will be tipping off their season for the first
time in Division 1 and the Cougars would like to take this
opportunity to wish them the very best with their new

2006/07 Basketball Awards
This years End of Season Presentation took
place at the Hermitage Park Hotel and marked another stage
in Coalville Basketball’s development.

Chairman Lee Alesbrook started things off with a review of
the past 12 months. The Cougars knew things were going to be tough
after being placed in division 2 but stepped up to the
challenge in what was set to be one of the most competitive
divisions many players around the league could remember.
Difficult injury problems with 4 of the previous seasons
starting 5 missing posed problems but the Cougars still did
themselves proud and managed to finish 3rd overall.

Another reason to celebrate was the excellent job done off
the court. In a season with other clubs being thrown out of
the league, the Cougars did the job both on and off court,
and set the stage for further developments in 2008.

Coalville Basketball Club with continue to progress and
continue the professional attitude that got the club to this
position. The sponsorship attained along with the addition
of the Summer Hoops league and another International event
in Holland shows the strength of the organisation. This will
be built on with a pre-season team building weekend, entry
to the National Founders Cup, new team and a new look kit
for the 2007/08 season.

Special thanks go to Lee Alesbrook and Steven Farmer for
picking up the organising at a late stage and making a
success of the evening.29/06/2007

Cougars go National!The Coalville Cougars have
raised the bar yet again by being accepted to join one of
the oldest events in the
basketball calendar, the National Founders Cup. This
National Cup dates back to 1951 and is an opportunity for
non-national league teams aspiring to national league status
to show how they can perform at national level. A good
showing in the cup would assist in any applications to enter
in future seasons.

The entries are split into regions before going on to
Quarter and Semi-Final ties against other regional winners
with the Final being played alongside the National League
Playoff Finals in April 2008. All competition information
and results will appear on

englandbasketball.com shortly.12/06/2007

Season Presentation EveningThe
Coalville Basketball Club are pleased to announce that this
years End of Season
Celebration will take place on the 6th July 2007. The
evening will be similar to last year with food, disco,
Basketball awards and will take place at The Hermitage Park
Hotel (Near Morrison’s in Coalville).

As always both past and present members of Coalville
Basketball Club are invited along with their friends and
family. Entry will be around £20 per adult (dependent on
numbers). Rooms are available at the Hotel at around £60
including breakfast. Please register your availability on

message board.

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